Holiday Catalogue Shares

August to December 2020 Mini Catalogue

Have you seen the Holiday Mini Catalogue? If not, check it out HERE. Now that you’ve seen it, are your eyes sparkling with all the lovely creativity and you have a growing wish list?

Why not purchase an accessory or specialty paper share and have access to a great big variety of holiday related items without having to buy whole packages? Remember … a significant number of holiday-related Designer Series Papers (patterned paper packs) are on sale until the end of October … why not add these to your order and have all the coordinated pieces you’ll need for fall and Christmas!

Purchase by e-transfer or cash on or before October 20th for porch pickup or popping into Canada Post before the 31st of October. Call, text or email me if you have questions and when you’re ready to order, contact me right away! If there’s further interest, I’ll extend the shares into November. I’ll be using most of these gorgeous accessories and papers in the next few weeks and you’ll see posts here and on FaceBook: Ink and Sparkle Stamping with Sue. An added bonus: if you purchase with me, you’ll have access to the exclusive FaceBook group: Ink and Sparkle Stamping VIP’s where you’ll find videos, tutorials and more.

Extra Special Paper Share Aug-Dec 2020 Mini Catalogue Your cost is $22 by etransfer or cash and you’ll receive one 6”x12” sheet of each design and in each colour.  Here’s what is in the paper share pack:

Accessories Share Aug-Dec 2020 Mini Catalogue Your cost is $40 by etransfer or cash and you’ll receive 1/4 of each package of embellishments (approximately 1,186 pieces packaged separately by each type). Here’s what is in the accessory share pack:

So … for an investment of $62, you can have it all — just the right amount so you can craft with ALL the beautiful Extra Special papers and accessories! You’ll get 6” x 12” sheets of each and every colour and pattern of extra special papers and approximately 1/4 of each package of accessories (I’m not sure I can divide the 750 pieces of snowflake sequins into exactly 1/4 for each of us … tee hee … but I’ll make sure you get enough for several projects for sure!)

Deadline is Oct 20 so that you’ll have everything you need before the end of this month. I will cut and pre-package your papers and accessories and, if you’d prefer to have full sheets of 12” x 12” papers, just purchase 2 paper shares and the sheets will be left 12” x 12” full size for you.  

Contact me if you need any more information before you decide to join us and text or call right away if you’re ready to get your order in.

Call or text to (780) 267-1296


We’ll be using these gorgeous Extra Special papers for great projects in the next few weeks. Don’t forget to follow me for pictures, live videos and more.

I can’t wait to be Stampin’ with you!


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